Facebook Groups

I recently did a post on Resale Groups and how I am not missing them AT ALL.  It got me thinking about Facebook Groups in general and how I think my sentiment is the same across the board.  Before my social media sabbatical, I already cleaned house in the Facebook Group arena.  I bet I was part of 40+ groups (!!).  I was a part of group interests and topics ranging from Crossfit, to weightlifting, mascara parties from 2013, professional groups, and groups raising money for various causes. After I had cleared the preverbal clutter, I kept my membership going in a professional photography group, my MOPS groups, and a group from the gym.  That was pretty much it.  


And I have to admit; I haven’t really missed anything.


I have missed a few social events, and the ones where people actually cared or wondered about my presence….I found out about those through other means AKA an actual person called, texted or told me in person.  


I was most active in my photography group prior to my social media break.  I was able to connect with other photographers, get constructive criticism, and enjoy their work in the privacy of this group.  However, I found that I got caught up either playing dangerous comparison games or getting sucked into conversations that weren’t adding the much value. 


I don’t miss it at all.


I will say that that particular group was a conduit to some face to face meet ups where I have started relationships with other photographers in my area.  Through that group I was able to meet some cool, creative, and like minded people.  Groups like this can be great if you are new to an area, profession or just seeking relationships with people who have common goals and interests.  


Facebook groups can be a positive thing and an easy way to for people to communicate and connect.  Which is why I will probably pick back up with a few value-added ones, but for now I’m enjoying the silences.  


What about you?  What you you like and dislike about Facebook groups?