Enjoy the joy of missing out just for 10 minutes

This is an activity I want you to do right after reading this post.

Once you’re done reading, put your phone/ laptop away.

Take a deep breath.

Close your eyes for a bit.

Rub your hands and feel their warmth on your eyes.

Then put one hand on your head and one on your heart.

And do nothing for just 10 minutes.

You can move your hands if it feels difficult.

It doesn’t have to be 10 minutes, it can be more or less.

The important thing is, that you do it.

If you have thoughts, let them flow. If you want to open your eyes, do it. If you want to smile, smile. If you feel like crying, it is okay.

Keep that sense of calmness in your heart as you move on with your day.

Go back to whatever you were doing.

Listen to the instructions here:

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