What is JOMO?

I came across the word JOMO a long time ago and since then I’ve been fascinated by it. I have romanticized the idea of doing something around it for a long time. At times I thought that it was not big enough a thing like happiness, joy, declutter project etc and so maybe not enough people would be interested in it. But I have seen so many instances in real life where folks could have benefitted from JOMO if they had known how to put it to practice.

While I was reading this book called “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin, I decided to take this plunge and go for my Project JOMO.

Introduction to JOMO

JOMO is the acronym for the Joy of Missing Out which means enjoying what you’re doing in each moment without worrying about what everyone else is doing. 

There will always be something better to do, but the important thing is to accept that and see that there is always something to enjoy in every situation we are in.

Missed out on a Friday night with friends. Cool. 

Skipped watching a whole lot of Instagram stories. Great! Saved 4 hours. 

Did not check out that series on Netflix that everyone is talking about. Awesome.

If you are doing something else that makes you happier, focus on that happiness than on the idea that you’re missing out on something. 

When you focus on all the good things, you feel good. 

Is practising JOMO easy? Maybe not initially, but eventually, with practice, you can get there.

Benefits of JOMO

  1. Less stress 
  2. Less anxiety
  3. Increase in the happiness quotient
  4. Better health
  5. Better focus

It is essential to understand that JOMO isn’t just limited to digital well-being or what people would think. JOMO is also about understanding that there are things (food, habits, stuff around you) etc that you can miss out on to feel better.

Ex: Missing out on sugar can be good for your health. 

Missing out on extra furniture can be good for your home (less cleaning, less maintenance, etc.)

Missing out on gossiping can save you time and energy which you can focus on other things.

And so here we are… mostly aware of what JOMO is and how to apply it to life. So let’s get this project started!

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