Things you don’t need and need

I consume a lot of content on internet. Most of the accounts that post about lifestyle or even intentional living have this vibe of all things new, shiny, pristine around them.

The new wood. The coord sets. The mugs that look like they have never been used. Healthiest plants. White duvets and white bedsheets. Apple airpods max. The expensive coffee.

You don’t need any of these to start with.

They look new, beautiful and shiny. They are also high maintenance.

You don’t need them if you want them just because someone else has them.

But if having one of those things makes you happy, doesn’t make a hole in your pocket, doesn’t make you anxious and makes your life easier, you should have it.

Having things is not a bad thing. Having feeling attached to them which make it hard for you to enjoy them or being sad, jealous or angry watching someone else have them while you can’t, now that’s the problem.

One of the way to not be sad, jealous or angry is to avoid/ ignore/ unfollow such people for your peace of mind. The other thing is to concentrate on your own life. These two things are more than enough.

So, what are the things you need and you don’t?

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