What is the right answer to “What’s happening?”

Every time I am asked what is happening, what you’re doing or something similar, it feels to me like a way to extract information or start of a small talk that leads no where.

What is one question you hate to be asked?

When asked what’s happening the usual responses are:

  1. Oh, nothing much.
  2. Just the usual.
  3. Life, the way it is.
  4. Nothing new, same old same old.
  5. A lot of new things. Want to hear more?
  6. All good. what’s happening there?
  7. Life is good.

And from here there is nowhere else that the conversation can go.

I think it is okay to miss out on such questions and go for questions that are a little more specific like:

What are you watching these days?

What are you reading these days?

Did you learn/master a new dish lately?

What’s your current favourite game/gadget?

Even though these are conversation starters, they will lead to deeper conversations than “What’s happening?”, “What else?”, “What are you doing?”

What is question that you wish people would miss out on? Tell me in comments 👇🏼

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