A list of little things that you can enjoy doing alone

  1. A long, relaxing bath or shower.
  2. Reading a book or a blog post.
  3. Listening to music or a podcast.
  4. Watching your favourite TV show, Kdrama or reality show.
  5. Trying out a new recipe or cooking a favourite meal from scratch.
  6. Going for a walk or hike in nature.
  7. Walking indoors while reading a book or while listening to music.
  8. Journaling or writing down your thoughts and feelings.
  9. Doodling random things on a piece of paper.
  10. Trying out a new workout or exercise routine.
  11. Doing a puzzle, a crossword or a sudoku.
  12. Practicing a hobby, such as painting, drawing, or knitting.
  13. Meditating or practicing mindfulness.
  14. Indulging in a favourite snack or dessert.
  15. Trying an online yoga class (youtube works too).
  16. Organising or decluttering your space.
  17. Having a spa day at home, with a face mask and a manicure/pedicure.
  18. Taking a nap or getting some rest.
  19. Going to a museum or art exhibit or just window shopping at a mall.
  20. Taking a long, leisurely bike ride.

Download this printable poster 👇🏼

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