Passing thoughts


Let your soul guide you through the path of inner peace ☮️
A part of me lives in the woods that are open to an ocean. There are birds and butterflies and fireflies and crickets and then there are starfishes, seashells and the white sand. My roof is covered with moss and I hear the rain droplets like the music composed to put me to sleep. The sun rises and makes everything beautiful with its radiance, turning everything to gold with its rays. And I watch it set and see the sky changing colours from blazing orange to soulful purple and pink, blue and then black. The moon smiles like it rules the night and the stars twinkle like little diamonds. The fireflies play around and light up the trees making them festive. The air is cool and magical too it refreshes me with every single breath. There are flowers and fruits, berries and whatnot. It’s not a structured garden, it’s beautiful chaos. That’s where a part of me lives when I close my eyes.


Life is all about change.
Within a few moments, the pictures around you change.
Sentences remain the same but their meanings in your life change.
Hard work remains but your goals change.
Life is all about change.
In a second all your dreams change.
The river remains the same, but the water changes.
The tree remains the same, but the leaves change.
Strange? No.
Life is all about change. Embrace it ❤️

The time is NOW

You may not feel full of energy and motivation all the time so when you feel it, go conquer the world. Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate. You never know when you might feel the energy dip and might not feel like doing anything. There’s never gonna be a perfect time, the time is NOW.


Happiness is everywhere. All you need to do is take off your focus from the negatives and look at the brighter side. Sometimes it’s easier said than done but the key is to keep trying. When you focus more on the positives you’ll realise that there are a LOT more good things happening around than sad things. Be happy for the new day, count your blessings and fill your world with love, laughter and smiles♥️


What was the kindest thing someone has ever done for you?
We all go through different struggles day in and day out but in the end, it’s important to be kind. Everyone is fighting a battle. Little deeds of kindness can make things a lot better, and can make this world a lot nicer. The magnitude of kindness doesn’t matter, what matters is the thought. Give someone a hug they might need, smile, be nice and do not say anything if you don’t have anything good to say.

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