Choose JOY and other thoughts I feel like sharing

Some thoughts for you!

You’re loved ❤️
Do what you love because there’s never gonna be a right time for it ❤️
Don’t seek for love, give love ❤️
If someone compliments you say thank you and accept it ❤️
If someone says you did a great job, accept it, don’t be modest about it. Value your work, value yourself ❤️
You’re capable of great things only if you try ❤️
You’re not special, work to be special❤️
Don’t wait for the opportunities, explore ❤️
Travel more! Spend on experiences not things ❤️
Today, something for yourself ❤️

Seven-Step Prescription for Self-Love 💕

1. Become mindful. 😎
2. Act on what you need rather than what you want. 😍
3. Practice good self-care. 💅
4. Set boundaries. 🙇
5. Protect yourself. ⛑
6. Forgive yourself. ✨
7. Live intentionally. 🙆

Some thoughts on gratitude

Just breathe and be happy.
There are moments when I’m not happy. I feel like these moments last longer than my happy phase but we look back, that’s not true at all. A little reflection helps.
I’m grateful that I have friends who are always there for me. I’m grateful to have an amazing family, everyone supports me without questioning anything. I’m grateful that I work at a wonderful place with the most amazing bunch of people, who are my extended family. I’m grateful to have the luxury of spending on food, for the clean water I have access to (I don’t even have to think about it but I won’t take it for granted). What are you grateful for?

Moments of happiness

Life is a series of events, moments woven together with a purpose we don’t know of.
When I first moved to a house to live alone I was scared and anxious. I didn’t know how was I going to cope up with things, with life. Simple things like grocery shopping and cooking for one felt like a task I couldn’t accomplish alone. Every Friday felt like a nightmare. So much that I called it anxiety eve instead of Friday evening. When you have everything in a moment and then you don’t, it becomes a little to a lot difficult. Everything doesn’t change within a moment. The process of letting go of a set of dreams, emptying your heart of all the hard feelings, filling it with new goals, working towards them, finding joy in small things, all this takes time and courage. Life isn’t short. In fact, life is the longest thing you get to experience. And all these processes happen moment after moment. They make life, life. So do I feel less empty now? Am I filled with joy and gratitude? Has anxiety found its way out of the window? It’s difficult to have definite answers to all these. What’s important is that the moments of happiness trump everything else. My heart is full of feelings that make me live the way I do, love the way I do. And that’s enough.❤️

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