Weekly update – JOMO week 3

  1. Miss out on sugar was tough last week. I had cinnamon roll, mysore pak and ice cream. I blame my ovaries tbh.
  2. Miss out on extra screentime went fine. I spent about an avg of 3-4 hours (phone and laptop combined) last week.
  3. Miss out on one junk food. Didn’t actually go out of my way to have or avoid junk food. The only junk food I did have was on the weekend (maggi and dabeli). Again blame them the ovaries.
  4. Miss out on couch time and move. Worked out 5 weekdays 💪🏼
  5. Miss out on mindlessness and meditate. Did it. All the days.

So after doing all this how am I feeling?


After working out for 3 weeks straight I can see my body changing. I can feel the strength and it’s making me more active.

Not scrolling through Instagram/ Youtube = less mind stimulation = well-rested eyes and good night’s sleep.

Meditation – At the moment, I am doing a 10 minute daily calm meditation and have been able to practice it fine. I am planning on increasing this to 20 minutes from this week.

Small changes – I am spending more time doing, watching and eating things that I love and appreciate.

Medium changes – My body is changing and I can see it. I feel calmer and happier.

Big changes – nothing as of now.

Have you started your #ProjectJOMO yet?

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