If you fail, try again. Or maybe not.

Bravery isn’t just in starting over, it is also in giving up.

When you really want something, you want to give your 200%. This hard work is not optional. It is essential.

A lot of times you hear people talking about putting in smart work and not hard work but when you look at all the successful people you will see that it is both.

However, sometimes no matter what you do, or how you do it, you might fail. Not once or twice but every single time. That’s when you need to think about it objectively, and practically.

I am talking about this in the context of Project Joy Of Missing Out.

There are a lot of habits that you need to work on. All these habits will eventually make you a peaceful and eventually successful person. But there will always be some things that you would rather no do.

In my case, I thought of quitting sugar. JOMO SUGAR, I said.

For three weeks, I tried, again and again, to give it up but it DID NOT bring me joy. So I dropped it.

Now, sugar is a small thing. A small habit. (That might in long term translate to a BIG difference.)

But what about big things, you might ask? Things that need to be done. Things we want to achieve. BIG GOALS. BIG DREAMS!?

You need to determine- How big is it? How would you feel if you gave up on it? Will you be able to live without achieving it? Are you living right now? What’s it making you feel right now? What’s your mental state right now? What will happen if you focused all this energy on something else? How would your heart feel then?

It’s true that we regret the chances that we don’t take but it is also true that sometimes we need to adjust our goal (not lower it, change it slightly) to achieve it.

We have one life and the most important thing is not to keep trying relentlessly but to enjoy while you’re at it, assess the goals and take decisions that make you happy.

Maybe all of this sounds all over the place. That’s because it is.

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