How JOMO makes you more productive

Most, if not all, of us, want to lead productive lives.

A lot of us also measure our own “usefulness” based on our productivity.

Now, that second part is not something I want to comment on. Because I believe that our self-worth should not be measured based on our productivity. At this point, I have a book recommendation:

Sweet Bean Paste by Durian Sukegawa

Now let’s get back to JOMO and productivity.

What is JOMO? It is Joy of missing out. Missing out on things that you might do because of social media comparisons, jealousy, peer pressure and so on. So when you are NOT doing these things, what do you do? You do things that you love. You take time for yourself. You do some things that involve selfcare.

Maybe you read, exercise, meditate, journal, cook, dance etc.

And when you do what you love doing or when you give your mind and body some rest your brain becomes sharper. Your concentration increases and so does your productivity.

This isn’t rocket science. This is just simple logic.

So, are you ready to practice JOMO?

Start here 👇🏼

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