22 offbeat mindful me-time activities

I talk a lot about me-time activities in general. However, there are more things than watching your favourite show, cooking a nutritious meal, writing a journal or a reading a book that you can do alone.

I know this because I have lived alone for 8ish years and honestly, I enjoyed my me-time. Now, I live with my husband and still enjoy my me-time in different ways. The thing is in some phases of your life you will have more time to spend with yourself and in other phases a little less. The most important thing is to make the most of the time you have.

Here are 22 offbeat mindful me-time activities that you can do:

1. Explore a neighborhood on your own, discovering hidden gems and unique sights. Sometimes when you go out on your own without any distractions you can find things that you had missed earlier.

2. Create a vision board or dream board, visualizing your goals and aspirations

I use Pinterest to make mine.

3. Attend a silent disco or music festival, dancing to your own beat and enjoying the atmosphere. Or you can play some music at home and dance your heart out. But remember to record it for keepsakes.

4. Take a trampoline fitness class, bouncing your way to a fun and energizing workout.

5. Go on a spontaneous adventure, taking a road trip or trying a new outdoor activity.

6. Experiment with makeup or hair styling, trying out new looks and styles. This is one of my favourite things to do.

7. Attend a laughter yoga class, experiencing the joy and benefits of laughter in a supportive environment.

8. Visit a sensory deprivation tank, experiencing deep relaxation and introspection.

9. Take a pottery class, learning a new skill and creating something with your own hands.

10. Explore a museum or art exhibit, taking time to appreciate and reflect on the beauty around you.

11. Go on a solo camping trip, enjoying the peace and tranquility of nature.

12. Attend a sound bath or gong meditation, experiencing the healing vibrations of sound.

13. Try an aerial yoga or circus arts class, challenging your body and mind in a unique way.

14. Take a cooking class, learning new recipes and techniques to impress yourself and others.

15. Attend a poetry slam or open mic night, expressing yourself through spoken word or performance.

16. Take a dance class or attend a dance party, moving your body and expressing yourself through dance.

17. Go on a ghost tour or explore a haunted location, experiencing a thrill and learning some history along the way.

18. Attend a crystal healing workshop, learning about the healing properties of crystals and how to use them.

19. Take a tarot reading or astrology class, learning more about yourself and gaining insight into your life.

20. Attend a sound healing or cacao ceremony, experiencing the transformative power of sound and plant medicine.

21. Take an online course on a topic that interests you.

I took this course on coursera:

The science of well-being.

22. Learn how to juggle.

I tried:

Alright, so that’s all from me. Tell me what’s your favourite offbeat me-time activity?

One response to “22 offbeat mindful me-time activities”

  1. Those are amazing ideas!. I also created a vision board on pinterest and it’s been really inspiring. I put some quotes and affirmations in that board too. And not too long ago i attented a reiki session for the first time. It felt great to do something like this by myself. I also enjoy taking courses online like this. I also took the science of well being course which was amazing! Thank you for sharing this post


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