16 ways to be happy with life right now

You must have heard of the term “small joys”. Well, even if you can’t be happy all the time, you can always find pockets of happiness throughout the day which can make you feel over all content and happy in life.

Some days you might get have trouble feeling grateful for things and some days you might not have anything to write in your journal but here are some things that you can do to find those pockets of happiness.

1. Re-read your gratitude journal

Don’t know what new entry to add, it’s okay. Just re-read old entires. This will make you feel the power of gratitude.

2. Spend 10 minutes doing nothing

Leave everything and sit with a glass of water. Sip it slowly. Close your eyes. Lie down if you feel like. Pay attention to the noises around you, the fan, the ac, the birds or people.

3. Do one small self-care thing

It could be putting on some lotion or using a facemask or applying nail paint. Do it and you will feel good instantly.

4. Do something for a friend

Write them a note, a poem, cook for them or just get them flowers, take them out for tea/coffee.

5. Unfollow the accounts that make you feel bad

Comparison is a killer of joy and so even if someone is creating positive content but it affects you negatively, it’s time to let go.

6. Take a walk

Not necessarily in nature, you can choose a beautiful street as well. Just walk without distractions. No earphones, no music. Just you, the road and people watching if that interests you.

7. Try practicing deep breathing every day

If you are wondering how can this make you happy, then my friend, it can.

Your autonomic nervous system controls involuntary actions like heart rate and digestion. This system is split into two parts: the sympathetic nervous system which controls your fight-or-flight response and the parasympathetic nervous system which controls your rest-and-relax response. Both parts of your nervous system are always active. However, deep breathing can help quiet your sympathetic nervous system. This helps in reducing feelings of stress or anxiety.

Which in turn helps you become a happier person.

8. Do something you did as a child

Nothing major. You can play for a while or dance the way you danced as a child, paint, draw, scribble, doodle…any of those things will help you connect with your inner child.

9. Try to grow something from a seed

And no, I am not asking you to buy seeds. I am saying plant a lemon seed or an avocado or anything that you’ve eaten. Or simple put sweet potato in water. And watch it GROW! This will bring you joy.

10. Write a letter to your younger or older self

Try this Dear future me.

11. Start a new good habit and keep it

Exercise, journaling, eating healthier. It could be anything. Just pick a habit and try to keep it.

12. Take time out to find something that makes you laugh

It could be a show, it could be talking to your friends, it could be a creator on Instagram… find it and use it to your benefit.

13. Create a folder of appreciation

Whenever something good happens, someone says something nice to you, create a record of it and put it in a folder. Visit it time to time.

14. Always try to smell good and keep your surroundings smell good too

This isn’t for others, it is for you. When you smell good or when your surroundings smell good, you feel great. So try some perfumes, flowers, scented candles, anything that works for you.

15. Go out in sun

Don’t miss on Vit D, friends. It makes you happy and keeps you energetic.

16. Find a fruit you love and have it atleast once a week

It might sound like a small thing but you make an entire thing out of it, romanticise it, you will definitely feel happier.

Alright, so that’s all from me, friend.

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