105 days of JOMO

I have decided to divide my JOMO journey into 3 parts of 105 days + additional days, i.e., one year of JOMO.

Each set of 105 is divided into 5 smaller parts with a specific focus and hence specific actions to achieve that. Each part is to be practised for 21 days. I will be updating this list as time goes by.

105 days of JOMO

  1. Energy boosting (Health)
  • Miss out on sugar.
  • Miss out on extra screentime.
  • Miss out on one junk food.
  • Miss out on couch time and move.
  • Miss out on mindlessness and meditate.
  1. Declutter (make space for more)
  • Miss out on buying things you don’t need.
  • Declutter physical closets
  • Declutter social media
  • Declutter your home.
  • Declutter your mind.
  1. Miss out the bads (Relationship)
  • Miss out on gossip.
  • Miss out on nagging.
  • Miss out on making scenarios in your head.
  • Miss out on expectations. Take action.
  1. Be better (Challenge self)
  • Miss out on negative self-talk.
  • Miss out on wasted time.
  • Miss out non action.
  • (Add one more thing)
  1. Increase focus (career and leisure)
  • Miss out on perfection.
  • Miss out on things that aren’t working.
  • (Add one more thing)
  • (Add one more thing)

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