For the remaining days of the year try to Be Real as much as you can

On August 31st I clicked my first BeReal. You have to understand that when you click BeReal, the front and back, both cameras are activated together. There is no place to hide, clean up and stage this picture. It is, what it is. Anyone can tap and view fullscreen both the front and back camera images. And ideally you have to post within a couple of minutes after you get notification, so you can be as raw as possible.

Anyway, I am not asking you to download the app and post every day.

What I’m saying is how you are on Be Real, without filter, with everything around you in view- be like that with yourself.

What does this mean?

This means seeing yourself as you are. No filters, no rosy glasses, no criticism, just as you. Accepting yourself for who you are.

Similarly, not trying to change others around you but seeing them as they are.

By this, I don’t mean be around folks who drain your energy, who don’t add meaning to your life or who bring you down. Don’t do that. Be real with yourself and leave that setting. Then be real with yourself and find the place where you are surrounded by people you respect, care for and look up to.

All of this is easier said than done and so I’m saying that you should give it a go for the remaining days of this year and see how you do, how it goes, and how you feel.

Would you give it a shot?

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