9 Things to do when you don’t feel like doing anything

There are days when you feel like the world is your oyster and you can do whatever you put your mind to. Then there are days when you feel like moving your head side to side would drain all the energy that is left in you.

Now, there are two possibilities here.

  1. You don’t feel like doing anything multiple days in a row.
  2. Today you don’t feel like doing anything.

I am going to address the second one. For the first one, you need to dig deeper to understand the whys and maybe talk to someone about it.

Why do you don’t feel like doing anything?

  1. You are tired.
  2. It’s just hormones.
  3. You are burnt out.
  4. Something has made you sad/ angry.
  5. You haven’t slept well.
  6. You need Vitamin D (Sun).

What to do when you feel like doing nothing

Some of the things I will list here are very obvious. However, we might know something but we at times need a simple reminder to go on.

1. Take a break

A break could be anything from grabbing a cup of coffee/ tea to breaking from routine and doing something different.

When you are tired/sleep deprived/ burnt out, you cannot concentrate and the quality of your work suffers. This is when you need to take a deep breath and tell yourself that to be more efficient, you need to sit down for a while or take a nap or eat something you used to love as a kid.

2. Write down your thoughts or doodle

Your prompt is to write down the words that come to your mind. Nothing needs to make sense. Words that come to your mind, sentences that come to your mind, just write them randomly. Or just doodle random things. You can also write how you feel.

An easy way to go about this is by starting with writing the date, day, time and how you’re feeling at that moment.

3. Be prepared with a playlist for such days

Don’t wait till you feel this way. Make a playlist of uplifting songs or songs that give you all the feels. Keep it ready and listen to it when you think you don’t feel like doing anything.

I generally listen to either the Ballad of Cleopatra by The Lumineers, One Spring day by BTS or some Taylor Swift songs.

The idea is to be ready because you won’t feel like finding songs.

4. Watch something that you like

Got a show or a specific episode that makes you feel good? Watch it. It can be anything a Friends rerun, an episode from KDrama, anime, Midnight Diner (or any other food show). Just watch it and if it makes you cry, cry, if it makes you laugh, laugh out loud.

5. Read something

You can read something new. But you can also read something old. Something that has the power to change the way you feel.

Reading books like Ikigai, Hygge, soul-soothing books like Before the coffee gets cold is something I recommend but you can choose what you want to read.

6. Take a walk

Or stretch or dance. Move your body. Sometimes that does the trick.

7. Organise/ clean

It’s hard to tell yourself to clean/ organise when you don’t feel like doing things but once you start doing it, you will get the momentum to do it and you will feel better.

8. Do something for yourself

There are a lot of things you can do for yourself like putting on a facemask, getting hair washed at a salon, manicure-pedicure, face/head/body massage. You can do the face massage thing at home by yourself. You don’t need to go out and do something fancy. You just need to do something for yourself to show your love for yourself.

Try this:

9. Just be

Don’t beat yourself up. Lie down and scroll through your phone for a while. Nap a bit. Eat. Drink water and take deep breaths. It’s okay to not do anything.

Doesn’t JOMO mean doing nothing?

Sigh. JOMO means missing out on other things to take care of yourself. It means prioritising yourself. It doesn’t mean sitting on the couch all day, or not having experiences or not getting out of your pajamas. It means putting yourself first, doing things that are good for you, that serve you and missing out on things that don’t.

So, how do you feel today?

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